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Volunteers provide invaluable service to both the Reserve and the Foundation.  Our ability to use volunteers is in jeopardy as a exemption to the prevailing wage law comes up for renewal.  Your voice supporting an upcoming CA Assembly bill to allow free volunteering is needed.

Click here to send a letter to our Assemblyman Rich Gordon… Paste the message into your email, or print out and send by April 13.

Here’s more information from the California Council of Land Trusts

Protecting Volunteers for Conservation
California and its natural resources would look very different if it were not for the volunteers that plant trees, build trails, restore creeks, enhance wildlife habitat, clear vegetation for neighborhood playgrounds, and build homes for the needy. Giving back to one’s community through volunteerism is a deeply engrained part of the American culture.

Unfortunately, since 2003, we faced a continuous battle to ensure that Californians can freely choose to serve their communities by volunteering. Without a certain provision of state law, projects that receive public funding must pay prevailing wages to all the individuals involved in certain types of work, such as restoration, construction, and other outdoor activities even if they wish to volunteer for free.  No nonprofit could afford to pay wages to all of their volunteers.

The current provision that exempts projects from the prevailing wage law expires at the end of 2011. Since October, California Council of Land Trusts has been working to secure another extension to this exemption in prevailing wage law, and we are sponsoring the bill carried by Assembly Member Gordon. Click here to read AB 587.

Its unanimous, Yelpers all gave Elkhorn Slough Reserve 5 stars.  We appreciate the great feedback and love hearing about all the fun experiences people had out here.

This is a great article by Colleen Bednarz:

Elkhorn Slough – One of the Wonders of the Central Coast
In the aftermath of the earthquake in Japan and the resulting tsunami here on the Central Coast, our own little national treasure – Elkhorn Slough – remains unscathed.  Read the whole article here…

Elkhorn Slough Oysters On Brink Of Extinction, KSBW via YouTube.

Mount Madonna School’s AP Environmental Science class contributed to an ongoing field study of migratory shore birds at Elkhorn Slough near Moss Landing. Four times each year, biologists are sent to different parts of the slough to count the number of migratory birds and permanent shore birds out for their early evening forage. The slough reserve staff asks seasoned field biologists and experienced birders to go out with field scopes and journals and get an accurate count of how many birds are there.

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Great overview of the project from KSBW